Walking with… Researcher Andy Marks

This post was first published on http://www.queerriver.com in July 2022

Queer River

Last week I went on a walk with Andy Marks, Doctoral Researcher with the University of Edinburgh:

‘Andrew (Andy) is a part-time PhD candidate at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh. Andy’s doctoral research investigates community-building and activism in response to the environmental crisis, with a particular focus on gender and sexual minority groups in the UK.’

Andy had got in contact to find out more about my Queer River reserch, and after getting talking we decided to try walking together at a distance, Andy along the Water of Leith, from Leith towards Edinburgh, and me along my local river the River Avon, on a new stretch to me from the village of Pewsey, heading South.

Some of the images we shared via WhatsApp

Before walking together we shared writing that we had each written, relating to Queer Ecologies, and to Andy’s research on Queer…

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