Sharing the Queer River, Wet Land Performance Score

As a result of my work with Minty Donald last month, on the Queer River Wet Land project with The University of Glasgow (itself part of the wider The Dear Green Bothy, run in connection with COP26), we have put together a performance score to invite others to get involved remotely.

The score, available to download via this post on the Queer River blog, invites people to engage with their local river and consider the relationship between the water and the land. We are asking people to share their responses with us via social media using the #QueerRiverWetLand hashtag, or send them via email, for inclusion in the Queer River blog.

We are also planning an online event at the end of November, where we will share the outcomes of the Queer River Wet Land project in more depth, with input from invited speakers. As soon as the date and booking details for this free event have been confirmed I will add them here.

We are really looking forward to you sharing your responses, however playful or simple they may be. So please download the score, take a walk with your river, and see what happens.

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