Queer River, Wet Land: Part 1 – Walking with Minty Donald

This post was originally published on the Queer River site – http://www.queerriver.com in September 2021 – and shares work which took place with the University of Glasgow as part of The Dear Green Bothy, in the lead up to COP26.

I’ve just been in Glasgow for a few days, at the invitation of The University of Glasgow, and as part of The Dear Green Bothy. You can read more about The Dear Green Bothy in this previous post.

Whilst in Glasgow I met, walked, talked and made with collaborators suggested by the University. This was my first experience of the Clyde and Kelvin, and these are my first impressions of those rivers. I’m continuing to process my experiences and develop further artwork as a result. These walks, plus the writing and artwork that emerges from them, form Part 1 of the Queer River Wet Land project.

On the first day of my Glasgow visit, I walked with Artist and Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice Minty Donald. Minty has worked extensively with rivers and performance, as a form…

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