All the Little Details

This post was first published on the Noticing Nature blog – an art and wellbeing project that I am running for Celebrating Age Wiltshire.

Noticing Nature

As I travel around from town to town, garden to garden, its lovely to be able to share in people’s pride for their little plot of land. We sit outside and talk about how our week has been, about the weather and the birds that we hear singing or which visit the bird tables.

The first visit is generally about starting to get to know each other and the materials on offer, whilst in the second or third session participants often start to identify a focus, whether a particular media or technique that’s sparked their imagination, or an area of the garden.

‘You’ve introduced me to a media which I love… I’m definitely going to continue with it.’

Often it’s the little details that we start with, the patterns on the underside of a leaf, the seeds on a dandelion clock, or the colours in a flower. Some people opt…

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