Walking with a Wrestler: A Film about Bodies and Bundling

I’ve spent time this Summer experimenting with different ways of using video and sound, to share my working process, funded by my Arts Council England Emergency Fund grant.

The film below shows a walk that I took yesterday, and the artwork that I made, near my home in the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire.

In the film I talk about why I started using toys in my work, especially dolls in my Walking Bundles, and what relationship this bundling of plastic bodies has to my recent research into Queer perspectives on ecology and place.

Please see earlier posts for films of the making of my Kitchen Sketchbook, Walking Pages and Walking Bundles.

3 thoughts on “Walking with a Wrestler: A Film about Bodies and Bundling

      1. I’m shy about filming myself doing stuff, but I’ll get over it. Until now, I’ve done mostly collage poem mixed medium kind of stuff, sometimes like abstract expressionist style. Oh, and I’ve done bundles, too—assemblages I think of as memory clusters, using raw & painted sticks & odd stuff, old paintbrushes, work gloves, photos, scraps of maps, etc., tied up w/ odd bits of string, twine and such. The twisted jumble of memory, but also like a totem, a keepsake?


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