Bundling – Filmed at Clouts Wood, Wiltshire

As part of the work funded by my Arts Council England Emergency Fund grant, I have started experimenting with different ways of using video and sound, to share my working process.

As I mentioned in my previous post (Kitchen Sketchbook Timelapse) my aim is to share the value of everyday artful practice for health and wellbeing through making some form of my socially engaged activity available online.

This film that I made yesterday shows footage from a walk that I made with fellow artist Jo Beal at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve at Clouts Wood near Wroughton. In the film I talk about why I make Walking Bundles and what they mean to me.

‘Bundling’ June 2020

4 thoughts on “Bundling – Filmed at Clouts Wood, Wiltshire

  1. After viewing this, I can’t wait to go walking . . . I’ve been making bundles like this in my studio for years but never thought to do it on the hoof, so to speak. Thanks for sharing.


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