One Ash

Ash Tree Stream

The One Ash projectis a sister project to Ash Tree Stream, devised and run by Andover Trees United to support children to learn about sustainable forestry practices through direct experience.

One Ash Poster – Artwork by Alex Marshall

Ash Tree Stream evolved out of an invitation from ATU Director Wendy Davis, for me to develop a programme of creative learning for the children involved in One Ash, linking their experiences of a single Ash Tree on the Englefield Estate near Reading, to Ash Trees living and growing in their own local environment.

Photo: Becky McGugan, Andover Trees United

Inspired by The Sylva Foundation’s‘One Oak’ project, Andover Trees United’s ‘One Ash’ project continues to develop learning in the natural environment by bringing attention to the plight of tree disease and, in particular, ash dieback and nurturing a greater understanding of sustainable forestry management.

Andover Trees United’s…

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