One Ash – Call for Artists and Makers

Andover Trees United are inviting artists to come forward who would like to make use of the wood from an Ash Tree. The tree is being felled in February 2020 as part of the One Ash sustainable forestry project:

We have been working with 4 primaries and 1 secondary school on a project, where students have been visiting local woodland throughout the seasons of 2019 and connecting, in particular, with ash trees.

The project has aimed to bring to attention the plight of ash trees due to Ash Dieback, as well as continuing the work of helping children to understand sustainable forestry. Having linked the children to one particular tree, we now wish to launch ‘One Ash’, a project that will begin with the felling of the tree and follow the journey of its timber, charting the many forms that we hope it will take.

We are looking for as many artists, crafters, makers and end users of wood as possible to get involved.

We invite all those who would like to be part of the project to take a section of timber from the tree, however much is needed, process it and record the ‘making’.

The wood can be used as part of a larger project or a stand-alone piece. Documentation will give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding of this industry and of those who work in it. The journey of the wood, as it is transformed, can be recorded in any way you choose…’

A major exhibition in Summer 2022 will celebrate 10 years of community tree planting and all works created from the One Ash. Dedicated web-pages will showcase the project and all who have contributed to it.’

Download the full Project Overview here.

And contact Becky McGugan, ATU Education Officer to express an interest or ask for more information –

4 thoughts on “One Ash – Call for Artists and Makers

  1. Hi James,

    Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you and your family – I love seeing your posts.

    I would love to take part in your One Ash project. Were you involved with the Yew Tree project at Salisbury Arts Centre? Some fabulous work there.

    I’m about to start a new job with Cranborne Chase AONB that will have opportunities for involvement I various arty/ heritage/ ecology elements, yet to be defined. I’ll keep you informed… Xx Charlotte

    Sent from my iPhone 07770 380171



    1. Hi Charlotte, congratulations on getting the Cranbourne Chase role sounds really interesting and I’d love to be kept in the loop thank you.

      I’m sharing the One Ash info for Andover Trees United, to help spread the word. I will be one of the artists involved (it connects with the Ash Tree Stream project that I’m working on with the same schools…) but I’m not involved in coordinating One Ash. If you contact Becky she can confirm details with you? Great to hear you’re interested.

      Yes I was involved in the Yew Tree Project at SAC and have very happy memories of it!

      Happy new year, hope to see you soon x


  2. Hi James
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    This sounds really interesting and certainly makes me wish I was a woodworker in some way.
    Good luck to everybody taking part.
    Mary xx


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