Playing Dolls with the River

Yesterday was busier than expected, as I waited in to see flooring and window people, and then was due to collect my son from school.

In between the two my husband and I popped to our studios, picked up a few things and went for a walk by the river. The same River Avon as the day before, just a mile further away, on route to school.


I didn’t have the time to devote to my collaboration with Kathy that I had the day before, and I didn’t have clear ideas of what I wanted to do or think about. I just knew that I wanted to take a couple of the dolls that I use to make Walking Bundles, and to get in the river with them.


So this is what happened – born out of a more playful and less ‘in my head’ time with the river. See Kathy’s most recent post ‘The Rising Flood’ here too

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