A Letter to Kathy and her River

This Summer I was due to visit and collaborate with my great friend Kathy Skerritt in Cleveland, Ohio. Since researching Climate Breakdown in more depth these last few months, I have decided not to fly any more, and so we have set the time aside to explore how place-based collaboration can happen at a distance, between Kathy’s embodied experience of her place, and mine.

So today I began, in my garden, with a printed map of the Cuyahoga River, making its way through Cleveland, to Lake Eyrie, responding with the materials to hand.

Kathy, I’m sitting in my garden and missing what could have been, looking at a map of your river, and your lake – your city by the water. My body aches to be there with you this year, and I can’t. So we make work to explore connection and distance, heart and body – minds stretching wide to encompass both places, both bodies.

Yellow from the dandelions opening to the sun.

Earth from my garden.

The stripes of shadows.

Moshi grazing on herbs.

Sparrows calling from the hedge.


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